Staff Roles

The Manager She has the overall oversight of all staff and all children as well as all matters of education and care.
Safeguarding Designated Officer Has specific responsibility for issues relating to Safeguarding Children and is a level 3 or above qualified personnel. She collaborates with the manager to achieve result. All other staffs have recieved training on how to safeguard children. (See separate safeguarding policy)
Room Leaders The room leaders are in charge of making sure all the routines and requirements of each child in their room has been met each day, and that information has been received from and fed back to parents daily. They are also responsible for making sure the planning has been followed and adjusted as necessary to make sure each child in their room is achieving to their full potential.
SENCO and Behaviour Management This is the manager’s role. She would be the staff and the parent’s first port of call if a concern about a child’s development or behaviour arises. She would then, alongside the child’s key worker and the appropriate Room Leader, collect evidence of  the child’s development and behaviour traits and decide – along with the parents – the best course of action to follow.  (Please see separate Special Educational Needs and Behaviour Management policies)
First Aid and Fire Marshalling At least two members of staff are assigned to this role. They are responsible to report any issues to the manager who will liaise with the fire officers to have the equipment checked regularly.

They are also responsible for making sure the nursery is holding fire drills regularly and recording them. The manager is responsible for checking that all staff keep up to date with First Aid Training and that there is always a qualified first aid trained staff on site.

Key People All staff qualified or studying towards a childcare qualification at Level 3, are allocated key children.  They are not the only member of staff who works with these children. However, they are the person who inputs into activity planning for them, files their work, keeps their records up to date and is responsible for their overall development.

In the event of room leaders and the Manager being absent, any other  level 3 Staff is qualified to take charge, and one of them is nominated for this role. Part-time Staff are called upon to cover absence when regular Staff is ill or attending courses, and we have bank staff who are known to us and have  been recruited and CRB checked by us.