Every child at Blossom Patch Nursery is assigned a Key Person. This, we usually be decided on within the first month of a child starting our nursery. The adult becoming the child’s Key person is chosing considering whom the child and the parents have built the best bond with during the first weeks.

This member of staff is responsible for compiling the child’s progress reports/records and imputing them into activity planning for the child. The child’s Key Person is responsible for making sure that her/his key child gets access to all areas of the curriculum in a way that suits the child and is following their interests.

The Key person is also the one who writes in the child’s home/nursery book. However, because some members of staff work on a part-time basis only, the room leader on duty may complete this book on their day offs.

Even though children at Blossom Patch Nursery all have a Key Person, every member of staff will work with every child, so that a child does not become too attached to one person. We put this system in place to prevent possible problems that can be caused if the staff member is taken ill or on holiday.

The child’s Key Person will be the first port of call for parents, along with the Manager, to discuss any aspect of nursery life.