It is essential that all children have the correct clothing with them every day. As a nursery we try to be outdoor as much as we are indoor, and children will go out despite the weather – as long as they are appropriately dressed this shouldn’t be an issue.

Children aged 2 and above are required to wear a uniform, which consist of the following:

  • Yellow Blossom Patch Nursery branded polo shirt (can be purchased at nursery)
  • Blue jumper or cardigan
  • Grey bottoms or skirt

Children under the age of 2 should be dressed in weather appropriate clothing which allows your child to move freely and enables them to take part in physical activities and helps promote independence for toileting e.g. a coat or cagoule during wet/colder months, as well as waterproof trousers for playing outdoors are highly recommended.

A sunhat and sun cream in Summer, to reduce the risk of sun stroke and Wellington boots all year round as even on the hottest days, the grass can still be wet first thing in the morning.