The nursery strives to make all staff accessible to parents and parents are encouraged to make contact should they have any concerns or wish to discuss any matter relating to their child. Normally your first point of contact should be your child’s Key Person for general problems or if you have a concern with some aspect of the curriculum. The Manager should be contacted if a parent wishes an interim review of a child’s progress or an appraisal of his/her ability and potential. The manager has an overview of all issues and can always be approached on any matter.  Absence notes and notes regarding financial matters should be written to the Manager. Requests for leave of absence for annual holiday requiring discounts should be made to the Manager at least the month before the holiday is due to take place.

If the nursery needs to contact you for any reasons, we will do so promptly. For this reason, it is essential that your contact details, as well of those of anyone whom we should contact in case we are unable to reach you are correct on your child’s application form. These details must be up to date.