The staff works closely as a team and the importance of a consistent approach is recognized by all as being a vital ingredient for the success of the nursery. The Manager works alongside all staff and is therefore aware of their approach and able to appraise performance informally on a day-to-day basis.

Supervision takes place before every term’s holiday (3 times a year). This is an informal meeting between the Manager and each member of staff one by one where any issues can be raised and feedback can be given. A formal appraisal takes place once a year in the autumn term. All Staffs are given a self-appraisal form to fill in, and then the Manager observes each member of staff on two separate occasions during different types of activity. Staffs are made aware when this will be taking place.

Observations are followed up by an interview at which performance and the self-appraisal form are discussed. The contents and conclusion of the interview are then summarised in a brief report written by the Manager at the end of the meeting and countersigned by the member of Staff. The Proprietor who is qualified appraises the Manager.