Staff at Blossom Patch Nursery will look after uncollected children, while every effort is made to contact the parents. If a parent is aware she/he ais going to be late in advance, then they are asked to inform a staff member on drop off in the morning or by telephone at least 4 hours before the original time collection should be made. Parents will be charged their usual rate for these hours, and it will be classed as extra hours on their next invoice.

If a parent is late to collect her/his child with less than 4 hours notice or no notice at all, staffs will still look after the child while attempts are made to contact the parent, however, they will be charged at a higher rate of £10.00 per hour and it will be classed as a late pick up.

If a child is still at nursery 30 minutes after they were due to be collected, or as the nursery is about to close, and all attempts to contact parents and the child’s emergency contact, have been unsuccessful, MASH would be called upon and their advice would be followed.