Children must be picked up from nursery only by their parents or other carers nominated by their parents (must be known to nursery staff). Children who are not picked up will be cared for in the nursery while attempts are made to contact, in the first instance, the parents. Failing that, the nominated emergency contact on the child’s application form will be contacted.

At this point the senior designated safeguarding officers will be called upon for advice. If no one can be contacted and the child is still with us after 30minutes or as the nursery is about to close for the day, Multi-Agency Safeguarding Hub (MASH) would be notified, and his or her advice followed. No member of staff would ever consider taking a child home themselves. We would not allow anyone who had not been authorized by the parents, to do so either.

A written report would be issued soon after the incident as possible and this will be kept in the nursery’s child protection file. On occasions when someone unknown to the nursery is needed to collect your child, parents will be asked for a full description of the person and a password,  which will then be asked for by a member of staff upon collection.

If the information given on collection doesn’t match up with that given to the nursery by the parent, the collection will be refused and attempts will be made to contact the parents.