All children have a file containing their registration form, medical details (parents must inform us if any information changes), any correspondence from parents, health, welfare or educational professionals, and copies of any reports supplied by the nursery. These files are kept in a locked filing cabinet in the office away from the children. Parents may ask to see their child’s file if they so wish. All information of relevance is passed on to the next school. Registration and medical forms are held by the nursery for six years and then destroyed. All other paperwork is destroyed when the child leaves the nursery.

When a child joins the nursery the parents are given a scrapbook (known as their Learning Journey folder) and are asked to put something in the front page – this could be photos, writing, or a picture – to act as a starting point for the child when they join us. This folder is then completed in an on-going manner from observations, activities and lessons throughout your child’s stay with us. The learning journey folder also include photos and work produced by the child. Every item is matched up to the areas of the curriculum it covers and gives an overview of a child’s development in each area.

the purpose of the learning journeys is to give both staff and parents an idea of where a child is regarding develpomnet. It also allows staff and parents to put extra support in areas if needed. These records are shared with parents at formal parents’ meetings, which take place once every October, March and July, or at any time the parents’ request to see them. The information from these records is sent on to the child’s next school when they leave Blossom Patch Nursery, in the form of a ‘Transition Document’.